Special COVID-19 message for students and families

Now more than ever, our students deserve the chance to earn their college credits and see the reward for their efforts this school year. Penn College NOW is currently working with educators at our partner districts and career and technical centers to provide enrolled students with the opportunity to complete their dual enrollment coursework. We are proud of the extraordinary efforts of Pennsylvania educators, and we know that Penn College NOW staff, teachers, counselors, and administrators are making every effort to provide students with the chance to successfully accomplish their academic goals.

For more information about specific course status at your school or CTC, please connect with your teacher or point of contact. Thank you, and we hope you stay safe and well.

Here's How Penn College NOW Courses Benefit Students



Tuition for Penn College NOW is free for students! The more Penn College NOW courses a student takes (at no per-credit cost), the less money a student has to spend once it's time to earn a degree after high school.



No matter what you plan to do after graduation, if you have already shown success in college courses, you will be more competitive in both the job market and the college admissions process. Success in challenging coursework builds confidence as well as skills!



Students who have already taken college coursework spend less time earning a degree.

Prep for


Connect to "the college experience!" Through Penn College NOW, students have the chance to visit our campus, see our facilities, and meet our college faculty.

Watch High Schoolers Earn Free College Credits with Penn College NOW video

No matter what type of degree or which major you pursue, if you have already been successful in college courses and are familiar with a college campus before entering college, you are more likely to:


Stay in college once you enroll after graduation


Complete your chosen degree


Graduate college on time

Is your school or CTC already a partner?


  • Ask your school counselor about the Penn College NOW courses offered. Check out our Penn College NOW Course Guide for 2019-20.
  • Choose the courses that meet your needs and interests, and register for them during your scheduling process.
  • Complete your Penn College NOW application, which is usually done at your school or career & technology center (CTC) with the help of a counselor or teacher.
  • Take your placement tests. Some courses require a math test. Your score determines your eligibility to take the courses you want. They're important. Study for them.
  • Check out our Student Handbook for information on our policies and procedures.


Ask your school counselor to contact College Transitions at 570-320-8003 or PennCollegeNOW@pct.edu. We are currently working with potential new partners for the 2020-2021 school year.

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The following schools and CTCs are partners in Penn College NOW. For more information about the offerings available at any given school, please click on the link for your school.

Penn College NOW Accreditation


Penn College NOW proudly earned its national accreditation from the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships in 2011 and was the first program in Pennsylvania to do so. Our accreditation requirements ensure that Penn College NOW students receive quality instruction from highly qualified secondary teachers in a program that is held to the highest standards.

Penn College NOW is partially funded by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-270) through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, by the generous support of Pennsylvania companies through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and by Pennsylvania College of Technology.