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Business and industry partnerships are a long-standing tradition reflected in the mission and values of Pennsylvania College of Technology.

We are committed to mutually beneficial relationships. These highly valued partnerships are integral to providing our students with the quality and level of instruction that will produce  graduates who meet the changing workforce needs of employers.

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Partnership Opportunities
Campus Visit

Companies often begin a relationship with Penn College through a campus visit. Contact Corporate Relations to learn about our majors that will fill your workforce needs and to schedule a visit to see these labs, talk with faculty and deans, and learn more about how to maximize the company presence on campus. 

Recruit Penn College Students

Recruit our students for full-time, part-time, or for summer internships. Summer internships help students and companies build relationships for full-time employment, and give students practical experience in their field of study. Additionally, students bring real-world experience back to classes and may share with fellow classmates.

Charitable Giving

Donations of equipment are vital ways to increase brand awareness and familiarity of your technology with students. Endowed or annual scholarships enhance corporate identity on campus and help students cover educational costs through corporate philanthropy. We facilitate meeting the scholarship recipient(s). Cash gifts towards programs and specialized projects are also recognized in various ways. 

Advisory Committees 

Industry representation is imperative to successful Program Advisory Committees. Advisory committees serve as a platform for academic and industry collaboration to ensure curriculum reflects emerging technical and workforce needs.

Guest Lectures & Field Trips

Companies that host field trips and serve as classroom guest lecturers help students’ familiarity with the company, gain real-world insight, and better understand their industry. Such activities also increase the corporate presence on campus, potentially enhancing recruitment of students and graduates.

Prospective Student Recruitment Help

Companies and corporations help increase the potential industry workforce pipeline by sharing the message of comprehensive, hands-on technical education and degrees that work® at Penn College with prospective students and families. Many representatives attend college and job fairs at local high schools and career & technology centers. Upon request, Corporate Relations will provide a marketing piece to showcase your company and Penn College.

Special Projects and Campaigns
Welding Expansion Project

Partner with Penn College’s welding program to expand the facility and spark the future of the welding industry.

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Wildcat Club

Become a champion for Wildcat Athletics! 

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Mechatronics Coming Soon!

We're always adding new projects and campaigns!

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