The College uses the following grading system (4.0 basis) to indicate the quality of a student's work.

Grade Interpretation Grade Points
A Superior 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Below Average 1
F Failing 0
T Administrative Termination
W Withdrawn
I Incomplete
AU Audit
R Repeated
S Satisfactory/Passing
U Unsatisfactory/Failing

A student may request an incomplete ('I') grade from a faculty member based on an inability to complete a course due to extenuating circumstances. The faculty member may assign a grade of incomplete ('I') to allow the student additional time to complete required course work. That agreement is between the faculty member and the student, and the grade can be changed only by the faculty member. The terms of the agreement cannot allow the student more than one calendar year to complete the requirements.

A grade of 'W' indicates withdrawal from a course. A student-initiated withdrawal may not supersede a 'T' or 'F' grade assigned for failure to meet financial obligations, improper student conduct, failure to demonstrate safe practices, academic dishonesty, etc.

Students should note that some majors use a grading scale of A, B, C, and F (D's are not considered passing and will be recorded as an F on the student's transcript) for some or all of the courses required by those majors. This is also true of developmental math courses. See individual curriculum pages for each major for details about specific performance requirements.

The following indicators are for internal use only and may appear on a student's profile.

  • FC - Future Course
  • CP - Course in Progress
  • UT - External institution course has been approved; official transcript needed
  • EXtrans - External course approved; official transcript received; credit posted

This information is provided as a summary of the College's academic policy. Official College Policy and Procedure statements, which are available to students on the myPCT Portal, hold precedent over any information provided here.