For each major described in this online catalog, the detail is intended to provide information and clarify the requirements.

Included for each major is the ideal sequence of courses, or the "curriculum sequence." Students who follow this plan will complete the major in the traditional time (i.e., four years for bachelor's degrees and two years for associate's degrees). The curriculum sequence is designed to permit the completion of course prerequisites and to ensure access to courses that are not available every semester.

The College recognizes that not all students are able to move through the requirements exactly as they are presented. For some students, a lighter credit load is desirable or necessary; for other students, developmental course requirements delay the scheduling of some required courses. Either of these situations generally results in a student's being "out of sequence." For students who are out of sequence, faculty advisers are a vital resource to ensure completion of graduation requirements. This catalog is another resource.

The course sequence, therefore, functions as a guide to completion of the major; it is not intended to be lockstep nor is it imposed - as it is presented - on all students. For some courses (especially electives), a student can choose the semester (or a summer term) for completion. For the major courses, however, prerequisites become a key consideration and may impose limitations on how courses can be arranged. Close work with advisers is very important and is strongly encouraged.

To identify prerequisites and corequisites, consult the appropriate course descriptions. Courses only offered in the spring or fall semester are so noted.