NSSC at Penn College is a nationally-recognized U.S. DOE legacy training center and BPI Test Center that provides training and technical assistance to home energy professionals, commercial building operators, government, utility companies, and other industry partners in the building performance field.


Program Areas

  • Building Operator Certification (BOC)
  • Entry-Level Building Operator Certification
  • Commercial Building Re-tuning (BRT)
  • Home Energy Professional (HEP) Certifications
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certifications
  • EPA RRP Certified Lead Renovator & Refresher Certification
  • Multifamily


  • Energy conservation training for any type of existing building
  • Technical assistance for home performance industry
  • Energy modeling for residential retrofits
  • Agricultural energy assessments
  • Customized courses in a variety of energy efficiency topics
  • In-field or in-classroom training
  • Distance learning and online courses
  • BPI Test Center and BPI Proctor Mentoring


NSSC facilities include...

  • A 16,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art instructional space
  • Four dedicated, multimedia-equipped classrooms with SmartBoards, plus a class-instruction area with wireless capability in each of the two hands-on training labs
  • A Tactics Lab featuring a six-unit demonstration structure, six workstations, fully equipped blower units for installing cellulose insulation, and storage space
  • A Diagnostics and Energy Conservation Lab that allows for multiple training events and testing featuring two demonstration and test houses with blower-door testing equipment and a six-unit structure for single- and multi-family scenarios
  • A heating appliance training area (10 functioning heating units)
  • A base load and heat pump display/demonstration area
  • A “house of pressure” balloon-framed module where pressure diagnostic procedures are demonstrated
  • A mobile unit for the purpose of in-field training at remote locations
  • Office space for instructors, visiting instructors, and support staff



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