There's no one way to transfer – and every situation is unique.

At Penn College, you're considered a transfer student if:

You took college classes after high school, but didn't earn a degree.

You completed an associate's degree or higher.

Take the guess-work out of determining what you will get credit for.

Use our transfer course equivalency tool to match the classes you've taken to those offered at Penn College.

Look-up courses that you've taken

Don't worry... we'll also formally evaluate your courses as part of the application process

We've made transfer agreements with other institutions.

This means that you can continue at Penn College while getting full credit for your prior degree.


Or, see all of our transfer agreements


Bring your financial aid with you!

Transferring your financial to Penn College is easy and will only take a few minutes.

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Whatever your reasons for thinking about a transfer, you're not alone.
Meet just a few of the students who found Penn College the right fit for them.

John Gissona
John Gisonna
  • Future Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Design Technology leader
  • Took advantage of an associate’s to bachelor’s degree transfer agreement
Emily Staman
Emily Staman
  • Soon-to-be student turned Nurse
  • Completed a semester away from home, but found her way back to Williamsport
Travis Scholtz
Travis Scholtz
  • Experienced in all aspects of Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Stumbled upon Penn College while looking for the next step
Elizabeth Woloszyn
Beth Woloszyn
  • Committed to changing lives as an Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Sampled the options, and settled into the Wildcat community

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