Non-Degree Students

Penn College welcomes students interested in enrolling in a class or two without committing to a full degree program.


  • Admissions Office
  • Student & Administrative Services Center, Rm. 1068

You’ll apply using the same application for admission as our degree-seeking students.
Just select "Non-degree" for your major.

Apply for Admission

Up to six credits per semester

Non-degree students are limited to six credits of coursework during any one semester.

Apply each semester

You must apply for admission for each semester you wish to enroll.

Financial aid and scholarships

Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid or Penn College scholarships.

High school students

High school students wishing to enroll as non-degree must at least be in 10th grade and have a 3.0 high school GPA or higher.

Placement requirements and pre-requisites

Placement requirements and pre-requisites must be met and are dependent on the course(s) selected.

Review of non-degree status

The College recommends review of non-degree status upon completion of 15 credits.