PA Build My Future 2020

Thursday October 15 Gives students the opportunity to have a day to work in the construction and design industry through an interactive showcase.

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BE Scholars Scholarship
National Science Foundation

The Built Environment (BE) Scholars Scholarship program is for students who are low-income with high ability and intend to pursue an associate’s degree in the School of Construction & Design Technologies at Penn College.

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Faculty & Staff

The curriculum, taught by experienced faculty and staff, allows students to gain valuable experience in their designated field. A faculty adviser works with each student to design a course sequence that best meets the student's future plans.

2 Plus 2 Majors

Have you thought about completing an associate's degree first, and then completing a bachelor's degree? Most of our bachelor-degree programs offer this option.

Advanced Placement & Alternative Credit

Alternative Credit refers to academic credits earned through means other than traditional college course completion, including: credit by exam, articulation, proof of competency gained in high school, work/life experience, and advanced placement.

Dual Majors & Dual Degrees

Current and incoming undergraduate students may enroll in dual majors or degrees.

Internships Work!

The School of Construction & Design Technologies works with employers to ensure that our students gain valuable learning experiences in real-world settings.

Study Abroad

Earn credits, experience other countries, meet new people, travel overseas, and add to your resume - all while being a Penn College student on a study abroad program!

Mission & Goals

The Mission of the School of Construction & Design Technologies is to provide students with the resources and learning opportunities that will prepare them for employment in their chosen field of study, enhance their life skills, and foster a positive attitude toward lifelong learning.

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